When you’re staying at our holiday parks in Suffolk, why not take the chance to leave the car behind and explore the stunning county using other ways, giving you the chance to see it from a new perspective.

We have put together some alternate methods of transport you could take.


Suffolk has a heritage railway, the Mid Suffolk Light Railway, which was restored in 1990.On certain days throughout the year, steam engines and vintage locomotives that have been returned to their former glory run on the short section of railway at Brockford. You can hop aboard, enjoy a pint of beer and watch the world go by at a slower pace.


Try your hand at horse riding and give your feet a rest. To be even more comfortable, you can hire a horse and cart, for a nostalgic and romantic journey. Different towns, including Southwold near our holiday parks, have horses and carts you take for a ride.


Like neighbouring Norfolk, Suffolk is home to many broads and water ways. Bring your own or hire a sailing boat, rowing boat, canoe or even paddleboards to explore the lakes and waterways of the county up close. Being on a sailing boat or canoe is relaxing, and gives you the chance to see the local wildlife on a personal level. 


Bring your own bikes along on your holiday, or hire some bikes out for the family. On a bright sunny day, there is no better way to explore Suffolk. You can leave the main roads and cycle along country paths and see the stunning county at a leisurely pace – whilst also doing a bit of exercise!


If you have never been to Suffolk before, then a guide will help you out. Exploring towns and villages, or the wildlife reserves with the help of a guide will provide you with more information about this incredible county and will be quicker than finding it out yourself!

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Photo by: Karen Roe