New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps when winter starts.

Well, now’s your chance to sit down and prepare a list of important lifestyle changes you want to make, and being the charitable and caring bunch that we are here at Tingdene Lifestyle we’ve decided to give you a bit of help – because since the majority of people fail to stick to their resolution, you’ll need all the help you can get.


If you are looking for effective ways of changing your life for the better, then you’ll be sure to find tons of useful information here.

Get in Shape. Losing weight is the top resolution for many of us Brits and combined with 'exercise more' and 'stay fit & healthy' is something that over a third of the worlds population wishes to achieve.

Travel more and see the UK! There is so much here right on our own doorstep. It also doesn't require as big a budget as you might think. Whilst globe trotting is great, it does make sense to invest in a staycation or even in your own 2nd home as an investment. 

Start eating healthier food. The common mistake is people crash diet, eat boring meals they perceive to be healthy in a self punishment thinking that this is the solution. Get inspired about healthy eating not as an alternative but your natural normal day to day lives. 

Improve your concentration and mental skills! People have been trying to find ways to improve their cognitive skills and focus for thousands of years. Today we can use anything from Apps to ancient meditation techniques to hone mental skills. Control your mood, learn faster and have an easier time problem solving!

Become more active! Sitting at home or at a desk all week with have a negative effect on your posture and health. Find ways of moving around more. Cycle? Walk? Ditch the car at home. It only costs you fuel burning money whereas you could be burning fat!

Reduce Stress. They say that stress is one of the biggest killers and can have a destructive effect on your relationships as well as your health. 

Watch less TV: The average person wastes a lot of time in front of the TV, time that could have been better spent developing skills, learning or keeping your body active. Once you manage to cut down on TV time, you will realize just how long and productive a day can really be.

Read more. Books are an excellent way to gain knowledge on a huge variety of topics. Try and go through 20 books a year.

Become Tidier. Don't be a slob, one of my bosses said once, a tidy desk is a tidy mind. This was of course so true. But also extends to home life also. Get the dust pan and brush at the ready and some storage! 

Pick up useful skills or fun hobbies: Sitting around all day wont get you anywhere. Try something new once a month ;)

Now get constructing a new list, a new plan, its a new year, its a new chance for a new you!