Take in some stunning Essex locations seen on the Hollywood big screen, from Southend Airport to Coalhouse Fort in films like Batman Begins and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 

1.       Goldfinger – London Southend Airport.

What better to play the role of an airport than an airport? Southend Airport in Essex, is one of the settings used in Sean Connery’s outing as British spy James Bond in Goldfinger, as he drives his Aston Martin to the airport in pursuit of the film’s villainous Goldfinger.

2.       Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Tilbury

Film icon Harrison Ford, in his third outing as Indiana Jones, used Tilbury Docks as a double for the canals of Venice, with a high speed chase taking place in what should be a gorgeous Italian city but is really an Essex tourist hot spot in his hunt for the Holy Grail.

3.       The Woman in Black – Osea Island

Osea Island in the River Blackwater was the setting for the Hammer Horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe; The Woman in Black. The island is connected to the bank by a causeway, which in high tide is covered in water. It is the perfect setting for a location cut off from the outside world, but with stunning scenery it is also a perfect destination for quiet cabin holidays.

4.       Ivanhoe – Hedingham Castle

This motte and bailey Norman castle is a great location for film shoots, as it still stands completely erect. It is most noticeably featured in Ivanhoe, the BBC miniseries, that aired on TV in 1997, based on Sir Walter Scott’s Novel set in 1192 AD about a knight accused of treachery. Hedingham Castle is the perfect backdrop for a film or TV show of this era.

5.       Batman Begins – Coalhouse Fort

In the 2005 film that rebooted the Batman franchise, the Bhutan prison Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) finds himself in is actually the Coalhouse Fort in East Tilbury, built in 1870. In the film it is a muddy hole where Bruce Wayne is a captive. In reality, The Fort is a pleasurable green park with a moat that overlooks the River Thames. 

Image by Paul Farmer