The British have a strong, lasting love and nostalgia for caravan holidays. With staycations becoming more and more popular it has lasted the test of time. We’ve put together the reasons why we love caravan holidays on the beautiful British coast.


Caravans are accessible to all walks of life, all backgrounds and all incomes, with this type of holiday we can all afford our very own holiday home! We have a wonderful selection of caravans for sale, and our prices start as low as £6,950. If you already have your own caravan and are wondering ‘where can I move my static caravan to?’  then wonder no more, as Tingdene has a fantastic range that we are sure you will love! We can help with the transportation and have a range of pitches available. You may want to group together with friends or family and chip in to buy your holiday home; then you can all go away whenever you choose, and your home away from home will be waiting to welcome you. Our holiday parks are open most of the year, so whether you’re planning your holiday months in advance or just need a last minute get away to recharge, it’ll be there waiting for you.


If you haven’t been in a caravan recently or possibly ever, you will be pleasantly surprised by the improved design and usability since the 70’s. Your expectation of quality will also be exceeded. Many modern caravans no longer have the bold patterns and fixed furniture, they have modern fabrics and suites you can organise to your preference. Although, if you are searching for a traditional style then you won’t be disappointed, there really is a caravan to suit everyone. With all the mod cons you get at home; including Wi-Fi, TV’s, electric showers and central heating, your stay will be more than comfortable.


Caravan sites are well-known to be friendly places. Maybe it’s because everyone there is on holiday, making them more relaxed and willing for a quick chat. One of our favourite things about caravan sites is the pleasant neighbours who will give you a ‘hello’ in the morning and ask if you’ve ‘had a good day?’ when you return.


Our caravans are situated in stunning locations. Many of ours sites have sea views, fantastic attractions nearby and all the amenities you would need. There’s no quick dash to the shop for something you’ve forgotten for dinner, or for the bucket and spade you accidently left at home. Just take a short stroll to the onsite shop and pick up what you need.


Caravan holidays are a children’s dream holiday. The sites provide plenty of exciting things to keep them busy. For one, there will be other children on the park that they will make holiday friendships within no time. There are swimming pools, arcades, holiday clubs, beaches, play parks and football pitches to name a few. You wouldn’t even need to leave the site to keep them occupied if you didn’t want to. Children also seem to have a fascination with caravans, whether it’s their size or the fact they get to sleep in a new room and explore all the cupboards – they simply love them.


The rain doesn’t have to stop your fun when you have a cosy and dry space to use. Playing cards, Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit are all holiday favourites while waiting for the bad weather to pass. Spending time with your family, of all generations while playing games brings you all closer together, as you learn more about each other after spending the week engaging with them.

Home cooked food

If you have a fussy eater in your family or special dietary needs, then eating out can sometimes be a challenge but this isn’t an issue on your caravan holiday. With all the utensils and cooking equipment you will need already there, all you need to do is bring the food. Not only do you get delicious home cooked food, but you will also save yourself a pretty penny, even with all of your added holiday treats and extra bottles of wine added to the bill.


At our caravan sites, on-site parking is included. Many hotels will charge you to park your car for the week, and if you’re going abroad, you will be charged airport parking while you are away. This is all avoided with your staycation to a caravan site; you have the freedom to jump in your car whenever you like and know that it is safely parked outside while you’re at the caravan.