The history of Norfolk is very diverse and dates back to the stone age. Rare treasures have recently been found, and have contributed to the unfinished puzzle of the county’s history. The recently discovered treasures include a pendant that may be linked to a female skeleton found early last year and a stud that is thought to be from a Roman horse harness. This has further suggested the possibility of royal residents during the 7th century.

Norfolk is the perfect holiday destination for any history or heritage lover and is home to the medieval Castle museum of Norwich. These historical objects are likely to go on display at the museum along with 900 other Anglo Saxon items, and is thought to be the best collection in the United Kingdom. You can also view Viking, Roman and Egyptian objects in this impressive collection of history. 

If you are an outdoor lover, then why not visit one of the many historic villages which are home to Anglo Saxon round tower churches and castles? These villages are also home to an abundance of picturesque walks where you can take a stroll and still discover flint knives and arrow heads from the stone ages.

Home to glorious holiday parks, Norfolk does not fall short of places to stay and there are always things to do with an extensive range of museums to visit within the county . Visitors can take a trip to the Fisherman’s Heritage centre in Sheringham to gain an understanding of the fisherman’s lifeboats and the lives they lived on board, or perhaps take an educational visit to the Old Gaol House in King’s Lynn, which gives visitors the opportunity to learn about crime and punishment from 18th century Norwich.

Image    Mark Harris