For many, autumn is the best season of the year. The weather is more predictable, as the promise of long, hot summer days is long gone and everyone starts to enjoy the crisp air, refreshing wind and last of the year’s sunshine. With the days getting shorter, there is even more reason to get outside before winter sets in and while the outdoors still looks inviting enough to do so. Holidays in autumn can be equally as good as breaks in the summer sun, so try not to let the change in temperature or weather put you off. Here are some of our favourite autumn holiday activities.


Autumn Walks

There is nothing more refreshing than a blustery walk along a long stretch of golden sand to blow away the cobwebs and leave you feeling energised. Wrap up warm in coats, scarfs and gloves and bring along a warm drink of hot chocolate or tea.


Autumn is the season when the trees display an array of warming colours, from deep reds to vibrant purples and this spectacle makes a walk even more inviting. For children, leaf collecting is an exciting part of an outing in nature, and there are endless amounts of crafty activities you can do with them when you return to your chalets for sale. Let them collect a selection of leaves in a range of sizes, paint one side of the leaf with a variety of colours and then print the leaf onto a plain piece of paper. If the printing is done gently and with a limited use of paint, the veins of the leaf will print to the paper and look like the branches of a tree.

Autumn walks


With summer barbeques and salads seeming a thing of the past, it is time to welcome the hearty and warming food of autumn. With pumpkin soups, apple pies, warm strews and dumplings, the taste of the season is one of the best things to celebrate and look forward to.


Chestnut Collecting

Race the squirrels as you collect the sweet and delicious chestnuts. After a high wind or storm is the best time to go, as the chestnuts will have been freshly blown off the tree and will be ready for collecting. Either pop the burrs and the nuts in a bag, or, open the burrs to get the nuts before you take them away with you (be sure to take a thick pair of gloves as they are very spikey)!

collecting chestnuts

Cosy Nights In

Autumn is the beginning of guilt-free, cosy nights in. And what better way to properly relax than bingeing your favourite films or television programs while you are on holiday? Grab your most comfortable blanket, make yourself a hot chocolate and let the watching begin!

hot chocolate

Board Games and Cards

As an adored and ever-popular past-time, board games are always a holiday favourite, and this is even truer in the autumn. Bring along with you the classics such as ‘monopoly’, ‘Rummikub’, ‘Balderdash’ and a pack of cards.

a group of people playing a game of cards.

Go for a Drive

Drive somewhere without a destination and see where the road takes you. This is a great way to explore a new area while you are on holiday and the journey is sure to provide you with some unexpected surprises. Without a destination or time-limit, the journey is much more enjoyable, as you can sit back and enjoy the ever-changing scenery.

Autumn drive

What are you favourite autumnal activities to do while you’re on holiday? We would love to hear your suggestions via our social media channels!