The beach at Lowestoft, take a holiday in Suffolk

These are the top three beaches to visit when on your holidays in Suffolk. Sandy beaches with attractions and amenities close by to entertain the whole family, these three locations are all close to our holiday parks in Suffolk.

1.       The Pier Beach (Southwold)

The Pier Beach is a traditional beach, and a great location for a family day on the beach. This place also has an 800-foot-long pier that has been refurbished, and now home to a pavilion, amusements, restaurant, and the famous water clock.

The sand and shingle beach with beach groynes has repeatedly been recognised as a clean beach with an array of easily accessible amenities, and the beach is backed with a promenade that leads to the town and harbour area.

2.       Claremont Pier Beach (Lowestoft)

This golden sandy beach is just north of Claremont Pier, that has zones specifically for water sports like jet-skiing, diving, surfing and wind surfing. The beach is dog friendly too. When visiting beaches in Suffolk with your dog, be careful to check which ones allow dogs.

There is easy access to East Point Pavilion from the beach, where the Tourist Information Centre is based. There is a variety of amenities there too including cafés and restaurants and you are close to Lowestoft, the most Easterly town in the UK. 

3.       South of Claremont Pier Beach (Lowestoft)

Known locally as ‘Victoria Beach,’ this sandy beach is on the south side of Claremont Pier and has great water quality and the popular area has been dubbed the ‘Sunrise Coast’. It also provides the same water sport activities visitors can do on the north side and also some sailing.

Close to the coastal town of Lowestoft, and close to the Tingdene holiday park, there are facilities on or near to the beach that include tennis courts, lawn bowls and a variety of places to eat along the sea front.