Freak milkshakes were first invented in Canberra, Australia, and later conquered social media, attracting interest from all over the world. The craze hit the United Kingdom last year and these mouth-watering treats can now be found in diners and cafes all over the country. These masterpieces are also known as Freak Shakes or Cake Shakes and here is the low down of the best places in Norfolk to get one:


Bellyboos, Gorleston-on-Sea

Bellyboos is an American confectionery shop located in Gorleston-on-Sea, and has a wide range of products on offer to the public from chocolate, and crisps to fizzy drinks. Customers have the option of sitting in or taking away their sweet treats. There is an on-site games room kitted out with the latest gaming consoles and tablets to enjoy, or even drop your kids off for just £5 an hour.

The establishment offers a variety of mouth-watering Freak Shakes all priced at £4.50. Customers can indulge in the favourite lemon milkshake topped with a large slice of lemon meringue pie and drizzled with zingy sauce. Or perhaps try the strawberry milkshake topped with plenty of whipped cream and the American favourite, Lucky Charms cereal.

Kirsty’s Cakery, Great Yarmouth

Kirsty’s Cakery is a family run tea room located in Great Yarmouth. They offer a variety of drinks, homemade cakes and sandwiches throughout the day and have recently introduced the Cake Shakes. The most popular of these tasty drinks is the banana toffee waffle shake, a banana shake topped with mini waffles, a lashing of whipped cream and a drizzle of toffee sauce. Customers may also opt for a shake with a British twist; a raspberry shake topped with a freshly baked scone filled with raspberry jam and clotted cream. You can enjoy these tasty treats for just £4.95 a glass.

The White Horse, Crostwick

The White Horse pub in Crostwick, is a traditional English pub with an extensive food and drinks menu. The pub has recently introduced a wide range of the ever popular Freak Shakes, priced at just £4.95. They offer a Nutella shake perfect for any chocolate lover, topped with a chocolate chip muffin and an array of chocolate confectionery. You can even indulge in a strawberry shake, topped with a jam doughnut and Jammie Dodger biscuit. If you would prefer something a little more refreshing, why not try the mint shake topped with whipped cream and mint Aero pieces?

If you are looking at buying one of the beautiful holiday homes in Norfolk for sale, why not head down to one of these fine establishments and try out a Freak Shake for yourself?

 Image:  Kazuletokyolte