When you are going on holiday you are looking for a time to rest, relax and see the sights, and having your favourite gadgets close at hand will make your holiday all the more enjoyable.

If you are looking to buy a holiday home on the coast – and Norfolk is a great location! – you can make sure you have your gadgets handy when staying at your holiday home. Check below for the gadgets and gizmos we think are the best to take on holiday.

E-Reader: One of the best modern inventions is the e-reader, which allows you to take as many books as you want on holiday and use up hardly any space. Before you go, you can be sure you have plenty of reading material and if you are anywhere with Wi-Fi you can download more on the go. 

Digital camera: Long gone are the days of disposable cameras and film – though any keen photographer might want to take some old-school camera film along. Getting a quality digital camera is worthwhile for the hundreds of snaps you will want to take on your holiday. Keeping it digital will ensure your pictures will last a lifetime.

Tablet computer: Although a more recent arrival to the technology market than the digital camera, tablet computers have made themselves an essential mobile gadget. Bridging the gap between phone and laptop computer, the tablet is great for watching films, games and more on long journeys and can be great ways to occupy the kids when they get a bit restless.

Power banks: Having a long day out and then your phone or camera dying is a nuisance, but by bringing along a power bank that works as a mobile charger you can be on the move and not have to worry about any gadget dying. However, you have to recharge the power bank itself when you get back to your holiday home.

Bluetooth speakers: A holiday is made so much better with some summer tunes, and getting some high definition Bluetooth speakers is a worthwhile investment. You can bring them to the beach, outside for a barbecue or boost up the volume when driving in the car. But be careful that the noise volume may bother others around you, so keep the volume to an acceptable level.