Caravanning for your holidays is an age old British tradition. Packing your belongings into the caravan, hitching it to the car and driving off to wherever you want can be a great alternative to those fancy all-inclusive holidays abroad. We are not the only ones who prefer this way of holidaying in the UK, these are some of the celebrities who enjoy some simple holiday making.

Bonnie Tyler

The Welsh singer has said that her early childhood holidays were caravan breaks at local beaches in South Wales. “I loved clambering over the rocks, collecting shells, and in the evening there was a dance hall we’d go to. I never used to dance. I’d just sit by the side and watch the adults.”


Fashion model Twiggy said about caravanning: “Sometimes my parents would rent a caravan in a park. I loved it because there would be lots of kids to play with and sleeping in a caravan seemed glamorous.”

Danny Dyer

Tough guy and EastEnders actor said: “One of my best holidays as a kid was when my mum and dad used to take me to Canvey Island in Essex every year to a caravan… I had the best times of my life there.”

Rio Ferdinand

Former England footballer Rio Ferdinand decided against a holiday on a private yacht or paradise island in 2009 for a staycation holiday with his wife and children in North Wales.

Dame Helen Mirren

Acting royalty Helen Mirren has been said to love to “get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and simply have a bit of down time with her nearest and dearest.”

We have to agree with these celebs, having a relaxing break in a caravan is the perfect choice. We have many caravan holiday parks along the sunny east coast where you can buy your own static caravan to visit any time you want or spaces in the parks where you can bring your caravan to us.

Photo by See Li