Divers who were exploring a 10,000-year-old forest submerged off the coast of Norfolk have said that a shift has occurred in the seabed, exposing more of the hidden wonder.

The forest, dating back to prehistoric times, was first discovered when thousands of tonnes of sand moved after a storm surge in late 2013, which led to the discovery early last year.

The forest is said to have been part of “Doggerland”, which was the body of land that connected Britain to Europe after the last Ice Age. The most recent discovery is that of a flat black floor, which was previously hidden by a thick layer of sand.

The inhabitants of Doggerland were thought to have fled after experiencing several thousand years of flooding, which eventually led to the rising sea levels engulfing the land. The forest they discovered would have been formed by trees, believed to be oak, being flattened under the pressure of the water as it became submerged.

It is unsure how far this black floor stretches for, as the majority of it is still hidden. The amateur divers who discovered it have claimed they are going to revisit the same spot at a later date, to see if they can find anything else.

The pair of “citizen scientists” have been praised for exploring areas and making discoveries which would have otherwise been left untouched, due to lack of government resources. Discoveries like these are what makes the areas around our luxury mobile homes so exciting to visit. Why not take a look at our properties for sale see what you can discover for yourself?


Photo courtesy of Martin Richards, under Creative Commons