From May 30th – June 5th the country celebrates National BBQ Week. The weather for the summer is expected to be great, with many scorchers on our way and there is no better way to spend those sunny days than firing up the grill and relaxing with a burger and beer.

If you’re staying at our Suffolk holiday parks over the next few weeks or months, why not join in the barbeque celebrations and enjoy some al-fresco dining in the warm sunny evenings with your own barbeque? Check out some great tips on how your barbeque can be the best you’ve ever had:

Marinate: Marinated food tastes great and grills better, due to the enhanced flavour. It also protects the food against high temperatures. If you are short of time, put the food in a bag with the marinade, massage it and place it in the fridge; it will speed up the process. However, the longer the better when it comes to marinating.

Gas or charcoal: Gas is cheaper and easier to control, but if you want to be traditional, coals are the way and give the barbeque that essential taste. You can also add wet wood chips and herb branches for an extra smoky taste.

Go slow and low: You have a whole evening to get that grub down! Take your time cooking and keep the heat low. High heat will make the food burn on the outside, but it will be uncooked on the inside. The trick is to sear it high and then take it slow and low.

Be colourful: We all know barbeques are about the delicious meat, but it’s fun to add some colour and extra flavour to your grill. Try out some yellow, green or orange bell peppers, some yellow and green courgette and mix it up with red and yellow onions.

Make it fancy: When cooking the meat, why not try for those cross grill lines you might see in fancy steakhouses and grills? To achieve this, the meat, fish or vegetables need to be seared on a high heat, then removed, and done again at right angles to the first seared lines.

Mix up the food: You don’t have to just grill meat – try fish, poultry, vegetables and even throw some fruit on the grill. In Suffolk there are tonnes of great places to get your food from reputable local sources, so you can splash out and be daring with what you try.

Don’t forget the trimmings: Before you get going, stock up on the sauces everyone might ask for, any salads and side dishes and of course the drinks. As National BBQ Week starts off on Bank Holiday, there is no reason to not have some beers and ciders with your burger and hotdog!

It’s quite healthy: Barbeques are healthy ways of cooking meat, as the fat gets evaporated off, which also enhances the flavour. It also helps hold in the nutrients, so grilling is actually better for you, if you can mind the smoky smell.