If you want to see the Suffolk countryside from a different view, why not rent a bike on your UK holidays? Suffolk holds a variety of cycle paths that will take you to many beautiful and magical areas, showing you the bare beauty of the area whilst you pedal on – a perfect family activity to get you out and about! We’ve included just five of our favourite cycling tours, however all of these can be cut short at any point if you are not one that enjoys an entire day of cycling, or if the winter weather takes a turn!

Suffolk Coastal Cycle Route

This route is a total of 88miles, designed in a circular route beginning at Felixstowe and ending in Dunwich. The tracks take you through a variety of settings, from forest tracks to coastal views and through Heaths Area of Outstanding Beauty. Along the way are several detours that take you to cosy pubs and local attractions so that you make the most out of your cycling trip!

The Heart of Suffolk

If you are an avid fan of countryside cycling routes, then this is the path for you. The Heart of Suffolk offers you a journey down many quaint and quiet lanes, allowing you to explore in peace and relax as you roll along the road. The route in total is 80miles, however, this is another route that can be cut down in to sections for a shorter journey.

The South Suffolk Cycle Routes

There are six routes that link together make up the South Suffolk cycle; they can be undertaken individually or together depending on how ambitious you are feeling. Each route brings you to at least one historical monument, perfect for combining an educational experience with exercise to make your journey even more interesting and worthwhile.

The Painters Trail

The Painters Trail is quite a unique route, bringing you through the many locations in Suffolk that gained their fame through local artists - hence the name! This is quite an easy riding route as the tracks have a smooth surface, so you can ride at a leisurely pace as you explore the historically artistic areas in Suffolk. The trail totals 69miles altogether making for a perfect romantic day-trip to undertake with your partner, getting you out and about exploring on whilst staying at our Suffolk holiday parks