There are lots of nature reserves dotted around Suffolk and neighbouring Norfolk, where you can see birds, plants, animals and insects. One of the best places to see everything is Minsmere, one of the most diverse RSPB reserves.

Minsmere became a nature reserve in 1947 after a wading bird, the avocet, bred there for the first time in over 100 years. There are over 100 breeding pairs now, and the avocet is also the RSPB’s logo.

This year it is home to BBC’s Springwatch, and when you know what goes on at Minsmere from the spring to summer months, you can see why this is the place to be. The spring and summer months will see new hatchlings from all sorts of birds and baby animals, with the wild flowers and plants starting to bloom.

Nature reserves are great for getting the whole family involved, and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

If you like birdwatching, bring a pair of binoculars and grab a spot on one of the many hides around the reserve where you can look out across the woodland, reed beds and lakes at Minsmere where there are birds of prey, wildfowl, song birds and more.

To be more active, you can try den-building and learn about what conservation techniques and schemes are used by the staff to help the wildlife at Minsmere, and the other nature reserves across the county. During summer holidays, you can also try pond-dipping, owl-pellet dissection and more.

Even if you are just there to wander yourself, without looking hard you can spot all sorts of birds and animals than you would in wider countryside. There are bitterns in the reeds, red deer grazing, copper butterflies, starling murmurations and lizards in the undergrowth.

You can also spend a bit in the gift shop, where you can get some bird feeders and bird seed so you can make your second home at one of our holiday parks in Suffolk friendly to birds too.

Photo by: Airwolfhound