A survey revealed how foreign holidays are being bypassed, in favour for a more traditional British holiday, otherwise known as a “staycation”.

ATS Euromaster conducted the research to mark their 50th anniversary last year which found a massive three quarters of Brits stated that they will holiday in the UK this year rather than heading abroad.

Many holidaymakers stated that the feeling of nostalgia is why they enjoy holidaying at home, as well as it being more convenient and offering the freedom of not having to stick to travel deadlines. When surveyed about what they enjoyed most about taking holidays in the UK, the following were five of the most popular:

1.       Long walks on the beach

The UK is home to so many fantastic beaches, located across the country. Memories of childhood holidays come flooding back, leading to you becoming lost in your thoughts. With so many dog-friendly beaches, why not bring along your four legged friend for the trip?

2.       The National Trust

The National Trust looks after everything that makes Britain so beautiful, from the countryside to the coast. Visiting one of their over 350 historic homes and gardens will result in a great day out, and will often have events on offer for the whole family to enjoy.

3.       The Smell of the British Countryside

Stepping out and experiencing the fresh air of the British Countryside is an experience unlike any other. People crave the smell so much, you can now buy pots of fresh air from the countryside on eBay! If you are a city-dweller, filling your lungs with the clean air can turn back the years, making you feel ten years younger!

4.       Visiting British landmarks

Britain has many landmarks steeped in history, showing how the nation was shaped through the years. Our holiday lodges in Suffolk offer the perfect base to experience many great attractions, such as the 12th century Castle Rising, or if you are looking for something a bit different and less historic, why not enjoy a day at the races at the Great Yarnmouth Racecourse?

5.       Fish and Chips by the sea

Finally, the old English classic! What better way to enjoy your fish and chips than with breath-taking views of the sea? Not a lot more needs to be said, as the experience speaks for itself!

It is not surprising that more and more people are looking to holiday at home, with so much on offer to enjoy. Why not take a look at one of our Lifestyle Parks, where we are sure you will find a holiday lodge to suit you, giving you the chance to experience the very best of the British staycation. 


Photo courtesy of Pam Fray, under Creative Commons