Autumn is well underway now, with a palette of different colours to be witnessed. The leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and orange, the early evening sunsets have their flashes of pinks, streaking across the sky, and the countdown is on for the fireworks set to illuminate the skies.

Arguably the most vibrant season of all, there is a host of activities to take part in, and Norfolk has a whole host of them. Owning a holiday home in Norfolk will allow you to take full advantage of all of this, and much more all year round. Take a look below at what makes the county so great in the autumn:

Keep your eyes on the skies

As we mentioned, the early sunsets make for a beautiful viewing.  As the nights draw in, there is a dip in temperature, which sees the birds set about on their migration paths. Robins, goldcrests and the cloud-like formations of starlings can all be witnessed in the skies, as well as flocks of ducks and geese returning for the winter.

And for when the sun goes down? Norfolk has some of the darkest skies in the UK, giving perfectly clear views which are perfect for stargazing. Peaking on the 8th and 9th October is the Draconid meteor shower, which can be spotted in the skies of North Norfolk. If the Draconid Dragon awakes, hundreds of meteors can be seen per hour! Those keen astronomers amongst might wish to get up at the crack of dawn on the 22nd October to catch a glimpse of the Orionids, which can produce bright fireballs in the sky!  


It isn’t just the woodland critters who can take advantage of the goodness Mother Nature has to offer, as you can get involved too! Norfolk Wildlife Trust run regular mushroom picking tours, helping you to learn about the edible fungi, and steer clear of the harmful ones.

One of the crowning glories of the hedgerow is the sloe, which may be extremely bitter when eaten normally, but when popped into gin, they really come into their own! Scouring the hedgerows for a bagful of these beauties will leave you with an excellent tipple that should be ready just in time for Christmas!

Woodland and wildlife  

There are few better places to enjoy the autumnal pallet than strolling through one of the many spectacular woods or forests that call Norfolk home. Many of these woodlands are of great historical significance, with Bacton Woods dating back to Anglo-Saxon times, and houses ancient sessile oaks. The forest land is also a great place to spot the extensive Norfolk wildlife in its native habit, as they come out to forage and store food for the upcoming winter months.

Sessile oak tree at Bacton Woods 

Sessile oak tree at Bacton Woods 

Autumn is when deer begin to rut, meaning they are more visible about the countryside, where you may even witness males competing for alpha status. Holkham Estate also houses a herd of deer, and run a Deer Discovery Walk and Deer Safaris throughout October for those who are looking to learn a bit more about the species.


The 5th of November is of course Bonfire Night, where the skies of the county will be illuminate with Catherine Wheels, Comets and Bangers! There are many locations around where you can enjoy the spectacle, or if you would rather, you can just watch from the comfort of your holiday home!

Photos courtesy of Contando Estrelas, Evelyn Simak & Richard Humphrey, under Creative Commons.