The summer holidays can be an expensive time for parents, with a total of six weeks or more where they’re out of school and wanting to do a range of activities. It can be tricky to balance the books and say yes to their every desire. Whether you are on holiday at one of our Suffolk caravans or you’re staying at home, these family-friendly and relatively cheap activities will keep them busy for a few hours.  

Monopoly board


A trip to a museum is a summer holiday highlight, with ever changing exhibitions and something new to be discovered on each visit, there are always fascinations to behold. Kids have ever changing interests and with the wide variety on offer at museums, they are sure to find something that holds their attention. A visit also has the added benefit of the admission being free!


Watch a movie with some popcorn and marshmallows

When you add sweet treats like popcorn and marshmallows to the regular activity of watching a film, it makes it much more exciting. This activity is perfect for a rainy day, draw the curtains, get your blankets and treats, press play then lie back and relax. A mid-day snooze is also perfectly acceptable while you’re away!


Bake cupcakes

When you’re not in holiday mode, the thought of doing any extra cooking or baking can seem too time-consuming. With sandwiches to pack for the next day at school, dinner to make and homework to do, there just doesn’t seem like enough hours in the day. When you’re on holiday, the pace of life slows down, and you have more time to enjoy the simple things. So, pick a recipe that takes your fancy, grab your aprons and get creating. Many of our holiday homes and caravans have a full kitchen, with the utensils you will require, making it that little bit easier to cook up something delicious while you are away.


Visit the library

Libraries are great cultural hubs within towns and usually have a busy schedule of events throughout the whole year, with even more happening over the summer holidays for children. From storytelling, puppet shows and craft events, there are a range of activities to suit all interests and keep the family busy for an hour or two, for free.


Play a board game or game of cards

With computers, tablets and other electronic devices so popular amongst adults and children alike, board and card games can take a backseat in a household. Holidays are the perfect time to revive their brilliance and with so many modern and relevant board and card games immerging in the market, there will be one to engage the modern child. For example, ‘What Do You Meme’, ‘Dobble’ and ‘The Emoji Game’. Or, you could convince the family to play a classic like ‘Balderdash’ or ‘Junior Monopoly’, which are always great fun.

junior monopoly board

Walk in nature and try to spot wildlife

A walk can be made much more interesting when detective and spotting skills are used. See how many of a certain insect, bird or plant you can spot while you’re taking your stroll. It encourages children to be much more aware of what is around them and gives you all the opportunity to appreciate the wonders of nature. You could all also have a go at drawing up the creatures that you saw on your adventure when you return home, or to your holiday accommodation.


Do you have any favourite, fun and free activities that you like to do with your family that we’ve missed? We’d love to hear about them, let us know via our social media channels.