It is incredible what the warm sunshine and brighter days can do to us. In spring our willingness to go outdoors and do something active after our winter hibernation is difficult to ignore. The East Coast is a beautiful part of the UK, with great attractions and nature spots. Here is a list of how we like to spend our days in this glorious season.

Beach walks

Suffolk and Lincolnshire are blessed with outstanding beaches. Slow down the pace of life with a relaxing stroll along the golden stretches of sand. Take time out to admire the ocean and sand dunes, listen to the waves crashing and the birds chirping. If you want something more active than a walk, get yourself a fishing net and see what sea creatures you can find in the rock pools. Or you could build yourself a sandcastle!


The taste of barbequed food is the flavour of the warmer weather beginning. Smoked food, cooked outside and shared with your loved ones, is a recipe for happiness. A disposable BBQ allows you to enjoy your meal in any location you choose; there is an endless choice of stunning spots for a bite to eat along the East Coast.

Bike ride

Nostalgia warning – how many years have it been since you went on a bike ride? Being on holiday is the perfect opportunity to hire yourself some wheels and see where the path takes you. The area is full of woodlands, lakes and rivers which all make for great places to go cycling. Cycling allows you to explore more of an area than walking or even by car. Being on the bike is just the right speed to absorb your surroundings.


Be indulgent on your next holiday and treat yourself to all the naughty foods you don’t let yourself have while you’re away! Picnics are great as you can have a large choice of your favourite foods, then sit to pick and mix your way through them. You could be traditional with scones and jam, or you could liven it up with an Indian themed platter, the choice is yours!

Visit a stately home

The UK weather can be unpredictable, but thankfully on the East Coast, there are plenty of other fantastic and fun activities to keep you busy! Holkham Hall and Houghton Hall, Norfolk are a couple of the best examples and not only is the grand exterior impressive, you will also be equally as amazed when you go in and discover all the interesting exhibits inside.

Visit a garden

Spring is when the trees are beginning to bud, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Visiting a garden can be a calming and pleasurable day. The gardens at Easton in Lincolnshire are particularly beautiful, especially this time of year. The garden is full of visual delights, set in a stunning valley; it has been cared for since 1993. There is a raised garden, vegetable plot, water features, meadows, an impressive woodland and much more.

Our holiday chalets for sale, East Coast, will provide a fantastic opportunity to continue returning to the area year after year, and it is easy to fall in love with the East Coast and the lifestyle it offers. A holiday chalet allows you to create a home from home, with all your comforts and belongings around you, with no need to pack them each time, this makes preparing for a break away a whole lot easier.