Recent research conducted by the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) have revealed what the next generation of UK pensioners have planned for the future. Almost 2,000 working aged adults, who are yet to retire, were asked to choose the top five activities they would most like to do during retirement, the results of which are as follows:

Go travelling, or go on multiple holidays (62 per cent)

Having playfully been dubbed as “grey gap years”, going on holidays and travelling have topped the list for future retirees. Some stated they were looking to jet off abroad, whilst the majority were more interested in exploring areas of the UK they had not previously seen. Many of those asked liked the idea of having their own holiday property, so they would be able to enjoy a staycation in the UK, whenever they fancied it.

Relax at home (49 per cent)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, nearly half of people said they were looking forward to relaxing at home during their retirement, offering them some peace and quiet.

Take up a hobby (45 per cent)

The next most popular choice was to take up a new hobby. With more free time as a result of not working, many people feared they may be left twiddling their thumbs at home! A number of respondents stated they would look into activities such as golf, which can help to keep them fit, as well as offering a new hobby and a way of socialising with other people. 

Dine out regularly (38 per cent)

Having retired, why not treat yourself and let someone else cook? The choices of respondents varied from fine dining to fish and chips by the seaside, but the appeal of not having to prepare, cook and then clean-up was a big draw to many people.

Treat the grandchildren (28 per cent)

The final of the top five choices was to treat the grandchildren. This varied from giving them pocket money, sweets or toys, to taking them away on trips. The retirees stated that having more free time allowed them to spend more time with their grandchildren, both at home and on holiday.

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Photo courtesy of Philip Taylor, under Creative Commons