Southwold - It has all the charm of a genteel seaside town, with its colourful beach huts, pier and award-winning beach. You can fly a kite along the beach in the morning and watch a Punch and Judy Show in the afternoon.

There’s everything you need here for a good old-fashioned beach holiday. Along the Pier you can play the slot machines or have a cream tea. You can search for amber among the shingle and climb the lighthouse for the best views in town. There are lots of small, independent shops to browse for souvenirs and it even has its own brewery.

Eating fish and chips, well it's virtually compulsory to have them! Head to the Beach cafe and take a seat in one of the booths overlooking the beach. 

Southwold Pier opened in 1900 as a stop for the Belle Steamers that took their passengers between London and the seaside. It has been beautifully restored and it’s a wonderful place to linger. Walk right to the end and see if you can spot seals and porpoises in the North Sea.

There’s an old-fashioned penny arcade at the entrance, a restaurant and a café where you’ll be served tea and cakes with pretty china teapots. One of the highlights for children is Tim Hunkin’s mechanical Water Clock. Every half hour the bathing couple squirt water at each other and the cheeky boys drop their trousers to have a pee.

Don’t miss the wonderfully eccentric Under the Pier Show where you can play what have to be some of the world most fun and unusual slot machines, like Art Apocalypse where you ‘shoot’ at modern art, Crankenstein the wind-up monster and Whack-a-Banker!

Whats your favourite thing about Southwold?