Nothing beats breathing in the fresh air, stretching your legs and enjoying the natural surroundings to rejuvenate yourself. Lincolnshire has a variety of landscapes, from rolling hills, and beaches to the famous Broadlands. If you’re looking for your next walking holiday destination, then Lincolnshire should be a strong contender in your consideration.

Norfolk Coastal Path

The Norfolk Coastal Path offers beautiful scenery and a range of wonderful wildlife. The route stretches over an impressive 35+ miles, with varying terrain, some well walked paths and others more rugged. If you are an experienced walker, you may want to walk the whole way, from Cromer to Hunstanton, or even further if you choose. This path provides panoramic, unspoilt views of the dramatic coastline. For less experienced walkers you can start or finish at one of the small towns dotted along the longer route, either Cley next the Sea or Morston. There is a bus service, ‘the coast hopper’, which is perfect for walkers taking this route, you can buy a ticket which allows you to hop on or off anywhere along the path and will take you back to your original destination. There are treasures to be seen along the whole of the route, with long stretches of sand, interesting rock formations, stunning flora and picturesque towns and villages along the way. The breath-taking views will draw you back year after year.

Lincolnshire Wolds

The Lincolnshire Wolds are often overlooked by visitors; many people will pass by them when travelling to Mablethorpe and surrounding towns but few will get out of the car to enjoy them. The Wolds are the unsung gem of Lincolnshire; made up of flowering meadows, woodlands and green, rolling hills which are unlike the rest of the relatively flat county. The walks in the area can be as challenging and as lengthy as you like, depending on what path you choose to take. There are paths as short as two miles or as long as 25. One of our favourites is the nine miles walk from Nettleton to Market Rasen. Not only is the scenery outstanding, but there is also a great mix of wildlife to be seen, from deer, kites, buzzards and rabbits. Pop into the local tourist information centre to get yourself a free map for further details of routes around the Wolds.

The Boston Woods Trust

The Boston Woods Trust was founded in 2001 so is a recently regenerated woodland but is still worth a visit, as it is a nature oasis. The tranquil walks have well-maintained pathways which are well signposted, making the routes perfect for pushchairs and wheelchairs. There are many picnic tables along the way which make scenic spots for a bite to eat, or if you’d like to have lunch out, the nearby café is highly recommended. There are continual improvements by the Trust’s volunteers, so each year you return there will be something new. A day well spent is a walk around the delightful woodland, listening to the bird song and viewing the ponds and sculptures.

River Slea

The River Slea not only offers a gorgeous and serene walk, the historical point of interest at the end of the path is a great added extra. Start at Sleaford and finish at Coggleford Water Mill. The mill, which was built in the 18th century is still fully functioning, and still produces traditionally made wholemeal and flour. You can go inside the mill and discover its interesting history and the process of milling. There is a small shop, which sells the wholemeal and flour processed there. They also sell locally produced honey, chutney and jams.

Whether you are just looking for a short walk or are on a walking break, your caravan holiday in Lincolnshire or Norfolk will be complete with at least one day spent in the great outdoors. Don’t forget to pack a sturdy pair of walking boots, a waterproof coat and a sun hat.