Though the people of North East Lincolnshire may have long known about the excellence of their fish and chips, Grimsby and Cleethorpes have now been crowned the fish and chips capitals of the globe by

The two seaside towns were recently awarded the accolade by the popular travel website, naming the region as one of the 15 must-try places to experience some of the world’s favourite foods. They were featured alongside the likes of Brussels, Tokyo and New Orleans in the list, titled the Foodie’s Guide to the Globe, which also highlights the best places to sample favourites such as pizza, cheese, wine and chocolate.

The popular hotspots were determined after looking at the strength of reviews for particular foods at various global locations, with the survey assessing over 65 million guest reviews.

Grimsby in particular is already well-recognised for its fish and chips, having hosted the recent World Seafood Congress in September, bringing together 650 delegates from 35 countries. The people of Lincolnshire are certainly pleased, with Ian Steel, co-owner of the Steels Restaurant in Cleethorpes, saying: “It’s a big accolade for the area. All the locals have known it for a long time and now so do the world.

“Finally we have got world recognition from a worldwide organisation.

“It’s down to the hard work of all of the local fish and chip shops because there are a lot of great restaurants in the town.”

It’s official – if you’re planning a stay at one of our holiday lodges in Lincolnshire, you simply must try the local fish and chips!

Image: Andrew Dunn, available under Creative Common