An ambassador has been appointed to be a hedgehog officer, hoping to encourage people to help out with hedgehogs in one of the few remaining hedgehog hotspots in the country.

The appointment of the officer was launched by the Go the Whole Hog campaign run by BBC Radio Suffolk, and is in conjunction with a nation-wide conservation scheme.

The aim of the ambassador’s role is to help stop the huge decline of the hedgehog population. Once wide spread across the UK, the hedgehog was a common mammal to see popping up in your back garden, and in 2013 was voted Britain’s national species in a BBC poll.

However, the population has been in decline since 1950 by an alarming 97%. The appointment of a hedgehog officer for the campaign, based in Ipswich, has been supported by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and hopes to boost the knowledge communities have on hedgehogs.

There is also hope that the monitoring of the hedgehogs across Suffolk can be transferred to other towns and villages across the UK, and encourage a rise in the population.

If you’re having a caravan holiday at any of our Suffolk holiday parks you too can keep an eye out for any hedgehogs when out and about!

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Photo by: Milo Bostock