After a long day exploring, discovering new areas and seeing all the sights, there is no better way to relax and unwind than to curl up on the sofa with your family after a delicious meal and enjoy a good film. Get the popcorn, sweets and drinks at the ready and immerse yourself in a fantastic watch.

popcorn in a bowl


The Fundamentals of Caring

The Fundamentals of Caring is an adaption of the novel written by Jonathon Evison. It features wheelchair bound Trevor, played by Craig Roberts and social worker Ben played by Paul Rudd. Trevor never leaves the house yet he is fascinated by things around the world that are the ‘world’s biggest.’ His new social worker and friend Ben is determined to get him to see some of his most loved sights.  The film is a heart-warming and light comedy that deals with a topic that many people in a wheelchair battle with. Viewers aren’t made to feel sorry for Trevor. Instead, he is portrayed as his own person, with a lively personality and a sardonic sense of humour. You watch the journey the new friends embark on, as they cross the country in search of these large landmarks, how they come together and their friendship blossoms. There will be times during the watch where your heart melts, and other times you will be laughing out loud.



Okja is a live-action animated film, set in the mountainous area of South Korea. The main character, Mija has brought up and loved a science experiment. One out of a batch of super-pigs which were designed to feed the masses, with minimal detriment to the environment. Okja, the super-pig, has won an award, for being the best pig out of the batch and her destiny takes her to New York, to show the population the new and delicious innovative meat available on the market. Mija has other ideas and does everything in her power to expose the truth and get her piggy friend home. The film is adventurous and told in the eyes of a child, your love and attachment to the characters will develop during the first scene.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a charming film that captivates childhood imagination. As the young city dweller, Ricky has been moved to the New Zealand countryside by the welfare services; viewers are taken on the journey he follows with his current caretaker, as they embark on a life away from the constraints and challenges of welfare and everyday life. The incompatible pair and the story has you hoping that their release and wishes would come true, and they continue to explore and live in the bush. The film is down to earth, loving, friendly and caring.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

A Wes Anderson film is never a bad choice. For your quirky fill, absorption and mystery, you are guaranteed an enjoyable watch from this director and The Grand Budapest Hotel is no different. The film is energetic, exciting and full of laugh out loud moments. The plot has Gustave and the new lobby boy, Zero on a quest to retrieve a stolen and very expensive piece of art. The film is full of incredible sets, with each one being a work of art. The backdrops of each scene ignite imagination and take you to another era, with amazing colours, detail and camera shots, this multi-layered film will become one of your favourites.



Whiplash follows the young drummer, in an exclusive and demanding school. The whole way through is a demonstration of pure determination, immersion and passion for drumming. This film will ignite willpower within you, and you will want to get up and do something about your interests as soon as it finishes. It shows how one person can overcome challenges, critics and any negative people who will too easily put you down, rather than encourage you to follow your dreams. For music lovers, this is an overly indulgent watch, that will keep you glued to the screen throughout.


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