We don't know anything about fishing but we thought we would try something new for January so we though we would take a look at the best fishing spots in Suffolk! On that note... what's a Bivvy?!

Catching your own breakfast, lunch or tea is a patient and popular art, and the variety of water yielding good fishing in Suffolk draws keen anglers in droves. There are dozens of angling clubs and societies operating in the county, sharing helpful local knowledge with visitors, as well as various fishing sites. 

One fine example of a Suffolk fishing site is High Lodge, Saxmundham

Individuals, families and corporate groups can all enjoy excellent fishing - for just £6.00! The site currently has 2 half-acre, well-stocked lakes containing a mix of coarse fish including Carp up to 20lb, Tench up to 4lbs and Roach & Rudd up to 11lb. Both lakes attract a wide range of birds and wildlife, and one lake is open to the public, the other to overnight guests. Other facilities which includes free car parking, refreshments and toilets. 

Sea fishing in Suffolk is popular too. Lowestoft and Orford beach fishing has a long tradition, and provides a fantastic family opportunity to combine beach fun with some serious lines. You can be taken out to sea to continue your angling by the charter boats to be found at quays and harbours. 

If you don’t fancy what the successful fishers have proudly brought home, just pop their catch in a freezer and offer them the bait that restaurants of Suffolk dish up - the professional catches of sole, plaice, cod, sprats, shrimp, lobster, crab…which can be purchased straight from the fishermens’ sheds on the beach, and from the early-morning stalls of Suffolk harbours.

Cookey Lake....

A 2 acre fishing lake which is a family owned, private fresh water fishing lake situated near Halesworth, with Carp, mirror, up to 30 lbs, common, crucian, rudd, and Tench. Quiet area with plenty of wildlife. Cookley Lake has 20 pegs. Open all year. Easy parking near lake. £6 one rod or £10 for 2 rods. Fishing dawn to dusk with barbless hooks. Tickets must be collected from Hillhouse Farm, Walpole, IP19 9AR before going fishing.