We previously reported on the fact that scientists had announced there would be an increased chance of spotting a humpback whale off the coast of Suffolk this winter, but it seems they have also appeared slightly upstream in neighbouring Norfolk!

It is thought to be a returning humpback whale, who has appeared off the coast of Norfolk for the past three years, with several whale watchers having reported spotting the mammal off the coast near our holiday cottages in North Norfolk.

The whale was accompanied by gannets feeding on herrings, which is a shared food source between the two sets of creatures.

Each humpback whale has a unique undertail pattern, but unfortunately, no one was able to get close enough to confirm whether this was a returning whale, or a brand new visitor to the waters of Norfolk.

Sightings of this majestic creature in the North Sea are rare, according to the charity ORCA. They are more often spotted on the European side of the body of water, rather than on the UK side.

The whale had been seen frolicking in the water for a number of hours, and was fluking – lifting its tail out of the water – quite regularly.

There have also been reports of additional sightings of the creature along the Norfolk coast, as well as reports of minke whales feeding as well!