In the UK there’s an annual even that gains a greater following each time it comes around. We are of course talking about National Apple Day!

The event is a chance to pay homage to one of the most delicious and popular harvests of the year.

You can find events taking place up and down the country, giving apple lovers and enthusiasts across the length and breadth of the UK a chance to showcase what can be done with this classic fruit in the form of various recipes, to juices and cider. You can also expect to find advice on how to properly grow their apples, as well as valuable information on all the apple varieties you can think of.

The event became a recognised national day back in 1990 in Covent Garden, and has been celebrated every year since, with the official event growing in statue each year from a local event to one celebrated nationwide. It has grown from a simple celebration of the apple to a recognition of cultural and genetic diversity in food that should not be allowed to pass from the world.

How can I celebrate National Apple Day?

Why not encourage people to head out and try new recipes and types of apples? Be sure to treat yourself with special ciders brewed at the orchards here near our Suffolk holiday lodges or give apple themed treats from nearby bakeries a go?

Get out there and enjoy Apple Day, and relish the fruits of the season!