Summer time is when the whole family can enjoy being outdoors and the kids can get outside in the sun engaging in lots of new activities. With our holiday lodges in East Anglia being so close to the beach, there is also the chance for the family to have many beach days too!

This summer will be a great opportunity for families to get back to nature, with so many places around Norfolk and Suffolk offering a chance to be outdoors. There are boat hires in the Broads and out to sea where you can see lots of exciting wildlife, outdoor adventure parks, nature reserves and more, where parents and children can get active and also learn something new.

There is even more reason to get the kids out and about and active this summer, as studies show how 14.2% of children aged 10 to 11 are overweight, and children are more and more likely to spend time indoors on the internet, gaming or watching films and TV.

In addition to the outdoor activities mentioned above, Suffolk and Norfolk have loads of cycling and walking routes, both through the countryside and along the coast. There is also the popular Fritton Lake on the border of the two counties, which has bush craft sessions or tree climbing games and for those who want to get their feet wet, swimming, paddle boarding and canoeing.

As well as the kids getting a healthy dose of the outdoors, parents too will feel the satisfaction of getting back to nature, feeling the sand between their toes, or lying back on the grass after a picnic in the sun.