We spend so long looking forward to our limited holidays, and yet we waste so much of them on the needless, boring and often stressful elements that come with a trip abroad. Make the most of your precious time off with a UK holiday home instead....

 The opening scenes of Home Alone may take the chaos of going on holiday to the extreme – forgetting passports is something many holidaymakers have nightmares about, but forgetting your child! However, the classic 90s film does demonstrate some of the not-so-relaxing elements of going on holiday abroad.

The checklist of things to do before you go on holiday is seemingly endless. It starts with trawling though websites for the best deals on flights and hotels, which is fun… at first. But after hours flitting from one website to another, comparing prices, checking availability, asking questions about extra beds or local transport, and maybe checking just one more website to see if you can get a better deal, you end up with sore eyes and about three hours less sleep that night.


Next comes all the boring bits like: how you’re getting to the airport, sorting out holiday insurance, the all-important passport check (crossing all your fingers and toes that they don’t need renewing), booking a hire car, checking that you’ve got an up-to-date EHIC or relevant entry visas, informing your bank, sorting out pet care and travel money, and does your airline require online check-in beforehand?


All of this is before you even get to the airport. And once it’s done you can look forward to sitting in the over-crowded departure lounge for what seems like eternity (cross those fingers again that your flight isn’t delayed), before being crammed on a plane for X amount of hours, and then possibly another hour or two transfer to your accommodation. All of this comes out of your valuable relaxation time.

Investing in a UK holiday home, on the other hand, by-passes all the hassle. You still get a great location and lots to see and do, but the beauty is it’s just a car drive away. Load up and off you go. There are no tickets to book, no passports to worry about and no departure lounge boredom to endure. You’re in your own car and, if you buy a Tingdene Lifestyle property, you can escape on holiday whenever the fancy takes you.

“It’s all about freedom,” says Benjamin Race, Tingdene’s group sales and marketing manager. “Our carefully chosen locations are ideally placed for the perfect lifestyle pace, whether that’s seaside, countryside or riverside. It’s somewhere to do the things you thought you didn’t have time to do, like simply strolling on a beach, or wandering country lanes. Somewhere to walk the dog by the water or strike out for some more determined exploring.”

Oh yeah, and did we mention that you can actually make money on your holiday home?

“Subletting a UK Tingdene holiday home can achieve high yields and return on investment, plus it’s a great place to escape to and relax – so it’s more like check in and cheque out,” says Benjamin.

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