A playful young seal pup at the Donna Nook Nature Reserv 

A playful young seal pup at the Donna Nook Nature Reserv 

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust are asking people to have their say regarding the development of nature tourism in the area.

The Trust has said that coastal areas near our Mablethorpe holiday park and other resorts such as Skegness have huge amounts of potential that is yet to be realised. They will therefore look into what can be done to attract more visitors.

Currently, the natural attractions on the coast of Lincolnshire include Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve and Donna Nook. Gibraltar Point first opened in April 1949, and is visited by hundreds of thousands of birds and 200,000 human visitors throughout the year. Donna Nook is one of the largest breeding colonies of grey seals in the UK, attracting 60,000 visitors between late October and early January.

The coast of Lincolnshire has been described as a sleeping giant, and it is hoped that these meetings will help to unlock some of the potential, to create an area full of wildlife attractions.

The chairman of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Paul Learoyd said: "As well as the castle, cathedral and wonderful heritage - we need to make it clear that it is easy for people to get out there and enjoy the coast - or a walk in the Wolds."

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Photo courtesy of Peter Church, under Creative Commons