The incredible Moon Museum is one of the striking installations currently featuring at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. The touring art piece will be at several arts festivals over the next few months, and with a seven-metre diameter, the levitating installation is nothing short of impressive.

The moon features detailed imagery, taken from NASA’s collection of discoveries, providing a comprehensive study of the moon’s surface. The replica is the scale of 1:500,000, giving viewers a smaller, but still very large version of the real thing.


At each festival they tour, Lunar related events will be taking place below the hanging sculpture. There will be the encouragement to share what the moon represents to each visitor, what it means to them - not just the sculpture - but the real moon in the sky. Throughout history, the moon has represented many things, to many people. Each country you travel or each believes you come across will all have a different interpretation and it’s exactly that, that they are wanting to know. To some, the moon signifies changes in tides, a calendar and time keeper, a representation of peace and a main source of light during the night, but, what does it mean to you? 


The moon has been made using a method, similar to the traditional technique of globe making, just on a much larger scale. Long strips of material with the printed design on, that taper and get thinner at both ends were carefully sown together. For the installation of the piece, it is filled with air and hung. From a distance, it looks as though it is levitating as the support structures aren’t as visible.


The moon was created and brought to life by Luke Jerram and his team. Jerram is Bristol based, although his visions have been taken to many corners of the world. One of his most successful ideas, which is continuing for the third-year running, is the ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ project. Pianos have been installed in several cities over the world, with the aim of encouraging the public to collectively be creative, in their own cities by making music.  Jerram has also recently had sculptures shown as part of a festival in Singapore, the large sculptures were intended to raise awareness of the effects of plastics on the environment and were made with the help of school students and ex-offenders. Much of his inspiration for his pieces are gained from nature, created to compliment the natural world and to raise awareness of the environment.


Amongst the Museum of the Moon, there is a host of exciting events to be enjoyed at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. There is a jam-packed program of stimulating things to do and see, running from 12th-28th May, with plenty of time to get yourself down there for some fun, the range of holiday homes for sale in Norfolk will provide a great base for your festival enjoyment! Some of the events and activities include; a VR playground which can take you on sky high roller coasters or a rare ride on a jelly fish. There will be representation from the renowned Norwich Theatre Royal, featuring a performance which combines storytelling, dance and animation all rolled into one fantastic show. A circus company will be presenting gravity defying acro-dance, demonstrating incredible strength and near unmanageable moves. Many of the events are free, and with an incredible diversity of arts and performance, from music, comedy, drama, storytelling, celebrations of literature and a range of art instillations, it will certainly be full of surprises and fantastic fun.