A new wildlife area is being developed in Norfolk near Lynnsport, and a new name is being sought after.

The area is owned by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk and is managed in conjunction with local volunteers from the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group. The Norfolk Wildlife Trust has been on hand to give advice to help with the area’s development of becoming a wildlife paradise for birds, animals and plants.

Throughout the last year, volunteers have worked to open circular path around the site, as well as creating wildflower meadows, and opening sunny glades in the extremely dense woods of hawthorn.

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust Project Officer Mark Webster said: “It’s a fascinating area in many ways, with an amazing tunnel of trees in the middle along with open grassy glades and patches of wetland plants.

“We know that the area has been used in the past as a BMX track. There are still lots of lumps and bumps where this used to be. It seems that dredgings from the river have also been added to the site in previous years, adding to the curiously diverse mix of soils here.”

There have also been fruit trees in the wildlife area, suggesting that it was once an orchard.

Despite all the development, no name has been given to the new wildlife spot, and the council has been asking for suggestions for the name through a competition, ending on May 31. The winner will also be chosen by the Borough Council with a book token and year’s membership of Norfolk Wildlife Trust for the winning entry.

Norfolk is home to many wildlife and nature reserves that do great conservation work for local plants, birds and animals and some reserves are very close to our Norfolk holiday parks.

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