The UK is home to 15 National Parks, protected areas across the country that help support wildlife and their habitats and they all have amazing scenery as well. The Broads stretching between Norfolk and Suffolk might be the smallest of the Parks in Britain but has some of the most diverse wildlife found there.

The Broads are the country’s largest protected wetland, and you can explore the Broads by boat, through the numerous waterways or by foot along some of the footpaths set up through the reeds. The footpaths, lanes and bridleways through the wetlands are designed to be more environmentally friendly and enable car-free journeys across the beautiful landscape.

If you are on lodge holidays in our holiday parks in Norfolk or Suffolk you can hire a boat out for yourself, or join a public day trip.

Around 50% of the population in Britain live around one hours travel from a National Park and the parks receive over 90 million visitors every year. As the Broads are so close to our holiday parks, as well as the many RSPB nature reserves, they are the one of the biggest draws for tourists and visitors to Norfolk and Suffolk.

As well the wildlife and scenery found in the Broads, there are also pubs, restaurants and other attractions the whole family can enjoy. When enjoying a lodge holiday over the summer, why not travel through the Broads and discover just why they are so important to so many people?

Photo by: Cristobal Palma