Being active and being outdoors is good for your physical and mental health. Norfolk County Council wants to inspire more people of all ages to be more active and travel on both foot and bike.

Norfolk County Council’s Norfolk Trails Team has been working with members, districts and a range of other services to develop the Norfolk Cycling & Walking Action Plan that sets out to make Norfolk a county-wide ‘active travel’ community.

They are also looking for feedback on the Plan, how it has worked and how it could work better for both residents and frequent visitors to Norfolk.

Over the last year, the Norfolk Trails have been very successful, with new figures for 2014/2015 showing the amount of times the trails have been used was up by 11% from the previous year. The trails received around 529,702 visits in this period.

The Trails network has over 1,200 miles of long, short and circular route for walking, cycling and horse-riding all throughout Norfolk. The routes extend across the whole county from the coastline in North Norfolk to the vast Breckland forest in the south and the Norfolk Broads in the east.

Covering such a vast area by walking or cycling means you can take in all the best parts of Norfolk, from the stunning coast, picturesque market towns and the rich wildlife and fascinating heritage of the county.

Different trails attract different people, and by monitoring all routes through the Norfolk Cycling & Walking Action Plan means that the paths could be more multi-user friendly and attract more visitors to them where they can travel actively, regularly and easily.

There are many great walking and cycling routes near our holiday caravan parks in Norfolk to keep you active and healthy but also where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Norfolk coast and countryside.

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