Normal for Norfolk program follows farmer Desmond MacCarthy in his bid to keep his 17th century manor afloat. The well known phrase ' normal for Norfolk' surprisingly comes from the medical profession rather than the attributes and actions of Norfolk folk. 

Normal for Norfolk - or NFN - is thought to have come from doctors to indicate the patient betrayed a peasant or rustic streak, or as a form of exasperation with patients who couldn't describe their symptoms.  Catch this program on BBC I player or one BBC One!

Comedy seems to run through the county's veins. It is, after all, home to comics Charlie Higson, Stephen Fry and Arthur Smith, who studied at the University of East Anglia.

One of Norfolk's most famous sons has been shining a light on its quirky ways on the big and small screen for the past two decades: Alan Partridge

Above: Alan Partridge

Below: Desmond and his 100 year old mother.