With the weather set to improve in the UK during autumn, those of you wishing for an extended summer and a holiday vibe are in luck! If the predicted warmer weather isn’t enough for you to pack your bag and take a break, then the following five benefits of an off-season holiday might!

a man and a child at the beach.


Whatever time of year, and where ever you go on holiday, it is always going to cost you more than it would if you stayed at home. But, holidays offer the chance to recharge and unwind. There is nothing quite like experiencing a new place, away from your typical routine with places and people to refresh your mind and body. One of the main benefits of holidaying later in the year is the reduced cost. The price is reduced as there are usually fewer people; it is simple supply and demand. The more people, the higher the cost. So, when there are fewer people in the area, usually because children have gone back to school, the cost of various activities is reduced. Many locals and holiday makers will find the cost of attractions and restaurants, amongst other holiday treats, are greatly reduced during the off-peak season. 


Less Crowded

With many of the UK population having children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews that they would like to treat to a get-away, the clear majority of holidays occur during the school breaks. This can result in attractions such as theme parks, beaches, shopping centres and much more all getting a little overcrowded. By taking your holiday slightly later in the year or off-peak, you have a great chance of avoiding any rush. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the attractions at a pace that suits you, as the spots will have a reduced volume of people.



Many believe that events and attractions only occur during the warmer months or school holidays, but, they do take place all year around! With theatres, craft workshops, live music and food and drink festivals regularly taking place during the off-season months. As previously mentioned, it is more likely that these events will be a little quieter too!


Warmer Weather… Sometimes

With hopes high after hearing the news of an Indian summer, those of you who have waited to take your holidays a little later in the year may rejoice with the weather predictions for October. Some weather agencies, including the Met Office, are stating that temperatures throughout autumn could reach highs of 30 degrees. An off-season holiday this year may mean the sun will still be shining and it’ll feel more like a summer’s day. Don’t put your summer dresses and shorts to the back of the wardrobe yet, as it’s quite likely they will still get some use later this year!



For some, the anticipation of going away is equally as exciting as the actual holiday. But, for others, spontaneity and impulsiveness gives a sense of freedom and excitement – both of which contribute to a successful holiday. Last minute decisions also mean there is much less time to worry about what you need to take with you or what you might’ve forgotten. It all happens so quickly, from the minute you book to the minute you arrive, which in some cases can result in reduced holiday planning stress.


Our park holidays, Suffolk are open most of the year and are near to some fantastic year-round attractions, including naturally beautiful places as well as theme parks, restaurants and much more! What have you got planned during your off-season holiday to the area? We would love to hear about them via our social media channels.