In today's digital and connected world we as consumers have more savvy information online to lead us to a credible and quality UK holiday accommodation product. We also still rely heavily on influence of friends, family and people we know on where to plan our next getaway retreat.

Sometimes a glossy image and fancy video may look good but our inner conscience always has some level of fear, where am I booking? What is it actually like in real life? Will this product suit me? What are the standards like? 

We also find that families investing in their own holiday property to rent out to earn an income through our managed letting scheme (where Tingdene manages the bookings, cleans, marketing, customer experience, check ins/outs etc) that there is always a level of similar concern that the their potential income and return on their investment is in someone else's hands.

We find it common place that with a family investing their own holiday property that there are many questions about holiday lets. Such as what if there is any damage? How much can they earn? Will the park look after the guests? What experience will potential staycation goers have in their holiday home? Will they re-book etc?

Tingdene, as a group of companies, has been around a long time, with it being originally founded in 1969. It first established itself as the leading Park Home manufacturer in the country and since then has expanded its range of operations into becoming one of the UK's largest operators and owners of residential Park Homes Estates, Inland Marinas, Caravan Parks, Lodge Parks and Chalet Parks.

Tingdene has also recently created an exciting new themed break/staycation product offering - Holidays for Allseasons. Tingdene also works closely their friends/affiliate - Hoseasons. (one of the biggest UK holiday booking agents which are part of the Wyndham Vacation Rentals Worldwide)

In terms of reviews - we always see them as a blessing. A review can show two things, a way to improve or to show us what we have done well. Tingdene Broadlands in Suffolk has been on the rise for countless of great reviews. 

So ... we aren't going to say another word we will let the reviews talk for themselves...

Fancy a UK staycation or want to find out more about investing in your own UK holiday property we can help!