Steak lovers rejoice! Red meat in Lincolnshire has been singled out as being some of the best cuts in the world at the World Steak Challenge.

Lincolnshire Co-op butchers entered the Lincolnshire Quality sirloin steak into the competition, which included meat from across the world, including Japan, Germany and the USA, and the Lincolnshire steak earned a silver medal at the prestigious event.

The steaks entered were Lincoln Red, crossed with British Blue. The Lincoln Red is one of the oldest breeds of native beef cattle in the UK, and is well known for being packed full of flavour, and super succulent.

All of the meat was judged both before and after cooking, with different characteristics earning points for the steak. Raw meats won points for colour and appearance, whilst the cooked steak won points for tenderness and flavour.

Lincolnshire Quality meat forms part of the Love Local range that can be found at Lincolnshire Co-op stores, which help to support local producers. All of the Lincolnshire Quality meat is born and reared on 20 local farms, helping to care for the local community.

Also contained with the Love Local range are over 100 products ranging from cheese, to beer and crisps. Anyone looking to purchase a static caravan (UK based) at one of our lifestyle parks in Lincolnshire can feel confident that the food they will experience will be of the finest quality. The Love Local range is just one of many that demonstrates the quality available in the county, and a silver medal at the World Steak Challenge helps to demonstrate this even further!