A recent report titled “Sate of the Natural Environment in Norfolk” has found that the wildlife in Norfolk is flourishing, with nearly 16,000 species of wildlife found within the county.

The report found there was an amazing 15,879 individual species recorded in Norfolk, which included 426 different types of bird, and 2,600 types of beetle. It also found eight species which had not previously been recorded, including new types of moths and ants.

However, the report also states that there may well be even more unrecorded types of wildlife and plants hidden across Norfolk, which will be uncovered over the coming years.

This annual report has helped to cement Norfolk’s reputation for having such a diverse range of wildlife, alongside its stunning and unique landscapes.

With the help of data compiled by the Wildlife Trust, more can be done to help protect the British countryside, so it continues to thrive for years to come. This will be done by using the report as a tool for educating the public.

“Public ignorance” has been named as one of the biggest threats to wildlife, with many people not knowing about the wealth of wildlife around them, or how to best protect it. This report will be produced annually, to allow people to see how the countryside is coping over the years, and how to best keep it “healthy”.

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Photo courtesy of Geoff Barber, under Creative Commons