There has been a huge surge in the sales of Greene King IPA across China, after President Xi Jingping was spotted drinking a pint during a recent pub visit with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Around 6,000 bottles of Greene King IPA are imported to China each month, but due to popular demand, at least 80,000 bottles of the Suffolk beer will be shipped across in December.

Greene King IPA is brewed in Bury St Edmunds, which is not far from our holiday parks in Suffolk, and is said to be generating a lot of buzz in China. The company was founded in 1799, and recently completed a takeover of a rival pub company worth £774 million, meaning they now have more than 3,000 managed and leased pubs.

Thanks to the photos surfacing of Xi Jinping, Chinese tourists in the UK are flocking to pubs seeking the real ale, to enjoy alongside the traditional dish of fish and chips.

Many bars in his native country are also taking advantage, by using the picture of their leader as advertising, alongside the words “Come and drink beer here. We have the same Greene King beer that Xi Dada drank” (Xi Dada is a local nickname in China which means Uncle Xi).

Greene King has been popular in the UK for a number of years, and is now becoming a household name in China. Why not pay a visit to one of our parks for a holiday, and enjoy a pint of the real ale for yourself?


Photo courtesy of Andrew Stawarz, under Creative Commons