The seaside is the plaice to be!

Fish and chips is considered Britain's national dish and is synonymous with the seaside. Did you know it wasn't until the middle of the 19th century that the double act emerged? Until then, fried fish and cooked potatoes had existed separately. For generations, fish and chips have fed millions of memories - eaten with greasy fingers on a seaside holiday!


We all scream for ice cream!

The Victorians invented most things we see at the seaside; they even invented the first ice cream cone! Agnes Marshall claimed to have made the first ice cream cornet in 1888. And what would a trip to the seaside be without a delicious icecream?


Seaside nosh

Featured on the Guardian's "Britain's Best Beach Cafes and Restaurants". Wiveton Hall Cafe in Norfolk is a great spot for al fresco breakfast, lunch or tea, with views across the salt marshes to the sea. Seaside dishes include Wiveton asparagus, crab, chilli and parmesan salad and salt cod cakes with aioli.