Lincolnshire walks at the doorstep of your holiday chalet

Check out our holiday chalets for sale and enjoy stunning walks and the chance to discover some of Lincolnshire’s open spaces in the upcoming months, and help some charities at the same time.

As part of the Lincolnshire walking festival, a charitable trust is leading walks around a variety of places across the county. A number of walks have been organised by the Ramblers, Walking for Health groups, and the Wildlife Trust.

Walking is a great opportunity to see the best of Lincolnshire countryside, and at Tingdene parks there are many walks in the area for you to see stunning views. With our holiday chalets for sale, you can come and stay at your own holiday home and enjoy the best Lincolnshire has to offer in your own time.

As well as walks through open Lincolnshire countryside and stops at the towns and villages, there are also coastal walks to take part in.

The walks give the chance for visitors and locals to see the hidden gems of Lincolnshire countryside, and will also help to boost Lincolnshire economy.

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