As the weather gets warmer and the flowers, trees, grass and crops are pollenating, the hay fever will start. Sometimes it will just be a tickly nose, itchy eyes and lots of sneezing but everyone has different symptoms.

This year could see a rise in people getting hay fever, even if you haven’t had it before now, as the Met Office has set a forecast for high pollen levels across the UK. Hay fever sufferers could rise by almost a third this summer.

Dr Mark Shenton a GP in Suffolk, said: “The best way to control hay fever is with antihistamines. Starting to take them now so they get into your system will really be of benefit.”

You can pick up antihistamines and other remedies from a pharmacy, and a pharmacist will always answer any other questions you have. Keeping some in your holiday lodges is also a handy tip as your hay fever could flare up at any time, and you wouldn’t want it ruining your holiday along the east coast.

There are other tips on how to keep the hay fever at bay, such as changing your clothes to stop pollen spreading through the house, rubbing Vaseline inside your nose to prevent pollen lining your nose, and showering to remove pollen on your skin.   

Make sure you are prepared when out and about around Norfolk and Suffolk over the next few months, and keep the sneezes at bay!

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Photo by: Richard Humphrey