With the end of the summer fast approaching and August just around the corner, there is an element of urgency to get outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and open spaces while the weather is still warm and the plants are full of flower.

There are a range of health benefits from being outside and amongst nature, from a great night’s sleep to improved concentration and creativity. These stunning Suffolk gardens not only offer all the benefits of being outdoors, but they are also incredibly well maintained and have a range of visually pleasing elements.

flowers in a garden in Suffolk

Helmingham Hall

Work on Helmingham Hall began in 1480 and since then, it has been passed through many families who have all been passionate about the building and the surrounding gardens, ensuring they remained well-looked-after, allowing people in the future and present to continue to enjoy the setting. The incredible house is imposing on the landscape, with the gardens and house moat surrounding it. The formal gardens consist of topiary, rose and kitchen gardens and much more. Box hedging has been frequently used for formality and effect, and as you follow the paths around the garden, you will discover the delightful arched tunnels and picturesque bridges. Each flower bed is full of vibrant colours and stunning combinations.

After admiring the grounds and the hall on your visit, the tearooms offer drinks, snacks and small lunches with an idyllic place to dine.


Ickworth House

Ickworth House is an 18th-century palace that is surrounded by an evergreen and glorious landscape. The house that stands was a dream of the Earl Bishop and had been passed down through the family for several generations. The garden has an Italian feel, with Mediterranean plants and a large collection of ferns. The sweeping lawn and canal lake provide the perfect place for a picnic, so pack a few of your favourite treats and enjoy the stunning views on offer.


Abbey Gardens

Abbey gardens has a wide range of interesting and unusual plants, as well as an aviary full of exotic birds! The peaceful grounds are well maintained and thoughtfully designed, making a great spot for a stroll and some quiet time to absorb the wonderful surroundings. Situated in the heart of Bury St Edmunds, there are ancient ruins, a river, a rose garden and a water garden all waiting to be enjoyed.

There is also a special and exciting treat for the kids with a visit to Abbey Gardens, with a maze, several tree houses and a natural canopied play area, they will be entertained for hours.


Henstead Exotic Gardens

This enchanting and tranquil garden is relatively young in comparison to others in the area, although they seem as though they have been there for hundreds of years, with the plants and trees well established and reaching impressive sizes. The purpose-built gardens cover around two acres and are full of exotic plants. The gardens Henstead Exotic Gardens aren’t open to the public all year around, and there are only certain days throughout the month when visitors are invited in to experience it, so be sure to check the website for updates and whether you’ll be lucky enough to visit on your holiday.


Kentwell Hall

The early 16th-century building and gardens have remained much the same for many years, although the plants and trees have had more than a couple of centuries to establish themselves – some are over an impressive 50ft tall! The 500-year-old setting is elaborate, with the surrounding moat providing elegance to the property and encompassing the house. Topiary is used all over the gardens, with complimenting symmetry and pleasing shapes throughout.


Will you be visiting any of the stunning and well-kept gardens in the area while you’re on holiday? We would love to hear your top choice via our social media channels  and if you happen to fall in love with the area like we have, our holiday homes for sale are varied and suit a wide variety of requirements.