Ed Sheeran -   Source

Ed Sheeran - Source

Suffolk local and pop megastar Ed Sheeran has caused a furore with his latest new release, singing about none other than his local Suffolk, specifically Framlingham where he was brought up.

"Castle on the Hill" supposedly refers to Framlingham Castle, one of Suffolk's mightiest and most beautiful landmarks.

  • Framlingham Castle was originally built in 1148 but was later restored.
  • In 1666, it was used to isolate victims of the plague and has been used for many other uses including a prison for Catholic priests, a school and equipment store.
  • Unlike most castles, Framlingham does not have a keep as it was thought the curtain wall and 13 towers would protect against attack.
  • Framlingham Castle featured in the plans to defend England in the case of an invasion during the Second World War.


Framlingham Castle -   Source

Framlingham Castle - Source

He's even been in trouble with Suffolk police for his lyrics "driving at 90 down those country lanes".

Just a short drive from Ed Sheeran's hometown in Oulton Broad is where you could own a Tingdene Holiday Home, so you could visit Framlingham Castle and the whole of Suffolk whenever you wanted! Just make sure you stick to the speed limits!