If you are heading to one of our caravan holidays in Suffolk or Norfolk, then you might end up being one the many motorists in the region who come across a rather unusual sight of the Jurassic kind.


A giant T-Rex dinosaur, which belongs to Dinosaur Adventure, will be travelling from Banham Zoo, the destination of its most recent display, to be acquainted with its new location - the park in Lenwade. This is the first time that anything like this has occurred, with the transportation of the dino between two of the biggest tourist attractions in the county of Norfolk.

It has called Banham Zoo home for in the region of a decade now and has finally said its farewells, now joining some prehistoric pals at the Dinosaur Adventure Park at Lenwade.

So, just how do you shift a half tonne dinosaur half way across the county?

Dinosaur Adventure tweeted several photos of the plastic T-Rex recently as they made their final preparations for the journey.

The initial post said: “T-Rex getting all prepped for his journey from @banhamzoo to Dinosaur Adventure!”

This tweet was followed by a shot of the dinosaur being lifted into the air, ready to go onto the back of a transporter.

You can watch the Jurassic transportation action here: 

Image and video courtesy of: Mustard TV/YouTube.