The next few weeks offer a fantastic opportunity for you to spot some beautiful, rare birds at West Norfolk Nature Reserve as they stop off to feed before the long journey they face as they migrate for the winter.

The reserve has so far seen new birds popping by on a daily basis at Welney Wetland Centre, so you are sure to see something amazing creatures of the air whilst staying at one of our nearby holiday chalets. The birds coming down to feed, in preparation for their journey to Southern Europe and Africa.

“The reserve acts like a giant airport, with birds on international journeys dropping in to rest and feed on the insects available,” commented Welney warden, Louise Clewley.

Norfolk is well known for being a great place to see the stunning air wildlife thriving, however this time of year is always particularly popular with the little birds and gives you a fantastic opportunity to test your birdwatching skills!

The reserve itself has spent weeks preparing for their newest guests, ensuring that the precious birds are offered optimum feeding grounds, moving the cattle around and tending to the hedges to encourage wildlife to flock to the hedges to fuel the birds on the next leg of their adventure.

Just a few of the birds you might be lucky enough to spot are yellow wagtails, hobbies and green sandpipers, you’ll spot them swooping down to feed in the mud, and staying usually not more than a day or so to allow room for the next guests to check in and re-fuel!

If you are a keen birdwatcher, then you should certainly head to Norfolk over the next few weeks to catch a glimpse of these colourful creatures on their mission.

Image: J.M. Garge under Creative Commons