The hottest technology gifts this Christmas including wireless speakers, dash cams and the latest VR for your to use in your holiday home over the festive season. Ho Ho Ho!


People People Transparent speaker ( above ) 

This absolutely gorgeous powered speaker box is completely transparent. The minimalist design is its USP, but you'll be surprised by the quality of sound it produces. Bang out some Slade and dance in your lodge kitchen.

£555.00 People Products

Plasystation VR 

We could sit here and tell you about how PS VR can make you feel like you are somewhere else entirely, or how it can trick your mind into experiencing vertigo, or how it can give you the most immersive gaming experience you’ve ever had. We could do that until we’re blue in the face. But they only way you’ll really understand why we’re so excited is to try it. Call it a present to yourself. Escape to your holiday home then escape your holiday home in the world of VR!

£349.99 available from Playstation

Cobra DCR 900 Dash Cam 

Record everything from natural disasters to Ronnie Pickering en route to your lodge this winter with this neat wireless dashcam from Cobra. With 1080P/1296P capability, wireless video streaming, a 160-degree viewing angle and 2.0-inch LCD viewing screen, it's one of the best, most compact devices out there. Perfect for the driver who wants an extra pair of eyes.

£179.99 available from Cobra

Phillips OLED TV 901F

4k – let’s face it, nobody's really bothered by ultra-HD anymore, not least as so many 4K sets just make everything look like a Mexican soap opera that’s been lit by a naval searchlight. Step forward Philips new OLED TVs. Rather than focus on pixels, they focus on colour and depth. The tech requires no backlighting, meaning the blackest blacks and richest hues. Watch Pat Butcher with the family in pure TV quality.

X Box one S 

Need someting to entertain your grandkids on your weekend away at the caravan? It’s not a new generation of console, rather an iterative upgrade to the Xbox One, yet it packs a hell of a punch. It is, as Microsoft has widely advertised, “the only console with 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and HDR”, plus it has 2TB of storage and comes in a 40 percent smaller package. Experience your games like never before.

£349.99 available from X Box