Suffolk Coast and Heaths footpath

Suffolk Coast and Heaths footpath

It has been revealed recently that the combined annual contribution produced by the Dedham Vale, and the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) amounts to nearly a quarter of a billion pounds.

Dedham Vale features beautiful lowland landscapes on the Suffolk-Essex border, and contributed £52million in 2014 to the local economy, as found in a study conducted by the Destination Research tourism research and intelligence agency.

The Suffolk Coast and Heaths covers 155 square miles of heaths, beaches, towns and villages, and is well known for its extensive wildlife. The agency found that it contributed £192million in 2014.

Of course, these two areas form part of the wider English AONBs and National Parks, which were found in another report to have contributed more than £20 billion a year to the nation’s economy.

The figures from 2014 showed an increase in the value of tourism in the Suffolk Coast and Heaths by more than £2m since 2013, where Dedham Vale AONB increased by a huge £7m since 2010.

Areas of Natural Beauty are recognised as being national treasures, and this is reflected by the number of people who visit the areas and contribute to the local economy. The status of AONBs means that those areas remain untouched for everyone to enjoy.

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