The Queen along with many members of the Royal Family including Prince Phillip and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the Mary Magdalene's Church in Sandringham, Norfolk over the weekend.

Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham. 

Mary Magdalene Church, Sandringham. 

The Queen, dressed in blue, arrived with Prince Philip at about 11:00 GMT in a maroon Bentley.

Soon after, she was joined by other members of the royal family, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as the Middleton family.

It is a chilly, damp Sandringham day. Perhaps just the sort of day you wouldn't venture out if you had a cold. But today the Queen felt well enough to make her first public appearance since arriving on her Sandringham estate in December.

She was welcomed by members of the public as she emerged from the car.

Her absence from the Christmas Day church service here was significant in that she rarely fails to appear at these regular public events, where people expect to see her. But officials had always maintained she just had a heavy cold and at 90 years old was being cautious.

She will stay on her Norfolk estate until next month. Members of the public came out to greet the Queen. One woman said she had seen her get out the car and speak to the vicar, before going up the steps to church. A man added: "We saw her very close up. We have been waiting the past three weeks to know she has attended. It is very nice to see her and of course, Prince Philip too."

Above: The Queen Below: Interior shot from Sandringham, where the Queen will stay for the next month.